High-Speed bridge between data to decision.



Conversational Business Intelligence Bot

Product Features

Simple Self-Service BI

Connect to Database Select your Data Converse with your Data

Google like BI

Easily get Insight with Google search like natural language Conversation. (Voice/Text).

Powerful NLP & Data Platform

Simplified stream and batch data processing with equal reliability and expressiveness.


A faster, easier, more cost-effective way to run Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.


Explore the untapped insights through Guided Conversations.

Industry ready Templates

Prepopulated metrics, training statements, conversations, Insights for select Industry and Business Groups.

Actions over your Insights

Make unified business decisions from the same screen. AVA delivers Insights with actionable buttons. Email, text, set a meeting and much more.

Private Deployments

Guaranteed multi-layer security and broad regulatory compliance

Under the hood

Natural Language Understanding
Natural Language Generation
Natural Language Querying
Enterprise Security
Machine Learning
Domain Conversion Templates
Data Connectors
Social & API Integration

Business Benefits

  • 2X Increase in your Organization’s BI / Analytics adoption
  • Eliminate 90% of decision turnaround time for your team
  • 50% lower TCO & implementation time compared to building In-House solution

Success Stories

  • For a leading M & E player, Enabled Sales Executives make faster marketing & sales spend and budget decisions
  • For a leading Pharmaceutical player, Enhanced productivity of field reps by proving quick physician insights on their mobile phones

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