Data Analytics

The key to business success today is data. Unlocking the real value of huge data and deriving insights to drive actions is key.

At Agile GCP Labs, we help you build a sensible, scalable and secure data foundation aligned to your business needs. This will enable you to explore data, generate and present insights in a way that is convenient, scalable and secure.

We carry in-house expertise in

  • BigQuery

    A fast highly scalable, cost-effective and fully managed cloud data warehouse for analytics, with built-in machine learning.

  • Bigtable

    A petabyte-scale fully manage NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads.

  • Cloud Dataflow

    Simplified stream and batch data processing with equal reliability and expressiveness.

  • Cloud Dataproc

    A faster, easier, more cost-effective way to run Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.

  • Cloud Pub/Sub

    A scalable durable event ingestion and delivery system that serves as a foundation for modern stream analytics pipelines.

  • Cloud SQL

    A fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up, maintain, manage and administer relational databases on Google Cloud Platform.

Here's a reference GCP architecture

Few of the focus workloads for Agile GCP Labs are

  • Apache Hive BigQuery
  • Apache Impala BigQuery
  • Teradata BigQuery
  • Netezza BigQuery

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Agile GCP Labs previously known as Agile iSS was founded in 2014 and recently rebranded in 2019 as Agile GCP Labs.