Agile GCP Labs helps Universal Music Group improve Analytics performance by 60%

  • SOLUTION PILLAR : Smart Analytics
  • WORKLOAD : Data Warehouse
  • VERTICAL : Media & Entertainment


UMG is #1 in the music industry. A driving force in the dynamic market, The client constantly discover new talent, adapt new forms of music consumption and feature the most comprehensive music catalogue. The client drives more than 50% of its sales through its online channels.

Business Challenge

Client receives data feeds on physical, digital and streaming sales from Spotify, Apple, Pandora, Rhapsody and many more distribution partners. The marketing, finance and sales data from partners helps client derive insights into the sales and revenue analysis of artists, albums and tracks. However, the growing huge volume and velocity of data stored on-prem started to present challenges on scalability and performance. The client started to hit bottlenecks in areas of

  • Gaining timely insights from high volume streaming data shared by distribution partners
  • Business Intelligence scalability
  • Inability to do deep-dive analysis (eg: Sales of LYSD) due to longer data retrieval
  • High-cost on-prem infrastructure with latency fluctuations
  • User data security risk due to data across countries, categories and streaming partners being housed in a single database.


Agile GCP Labs, a Google Cloud Partner, studied the existing system involving on-prem database, informatica for ETL and Microsoft SQL Server /Oracle for data storage. Agile GCP Labs helped to architect and implement solution involving data ingestion from all partners, process through Cloud Dataflow and store the data in Google BigQuery. The migration from Microsoft SQL and Oracle data warehouses to Google BigQuery was implemented to help with the data loading and processing times. Custom database queries were implemented to import data from Google BigQuery to Microstrategy web.

The sales data from both the physical and digital world was consolidated to provide a single view of product sales. A centralized enterprise dashboard was provided to have 10,000+ reports in one reporting platform.


The re-architecting of solution with Google Cloud Platform yielded an immediate reduction in query time from 1 day to 10 seconds with 50TB of data processed in less than a minute. A flexible, scalable data architecture enabled fast and powerful visual analytics. With Google Big Query, client was able to perform granular analysis of 500+ data points and predictive modeling to understand customer behavior. With Google's free usage limits, pay as you go pricing and upto the second billing, the costs were reduced significantly.

By this, client realized values in areas of

  • Increase in promotional sales
  • Reduction in yearly marketing budget
  • Increase in subscription with streaming partners
  • Reduction in royalty management costs
  • 20% reduction in infrastructure cost

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